The barlang – ‘cave’

The word “barlang” (cave – in English) has its own meaning in Hungarian, but mostly it is an acronym made from our family names. As architects, the actual meaning of the word is important to us as well: not only was it the first home for humans, but it is also natural and the purpose of it is obvious. We create our furniture and the inner spaces where they will be placed with a similar perspective.

Just like famous rock bands, we started out in a garage as well. That is where our first pieces of furniture were created based on our own plans with great enthusiasm, although with simple tools.
Even though we have outgrown the garage and our equipment has improved, some things haven’t changed: we still plan and create the furniture with the same precision and care and we are still present through the entire process.

This is what guarantees the premium quality of our furniture.

A kezdetek - műhely a garázsban
Az iroda

The office

Even though we mainly build functional furniture, it is still of great importance to us that our products are aesthetically pleasing, and that they represent the style of the customer.

This is where the entire planning process takes place: starting with the shaping of the concept, through the completion of our volume models, until the finishing touches are drawn.

The workshop

This is where the shape, the function, the material and the technology meet. Since we are creating the pieces that were designed by us, the implementation is just as enjoyable as the planning. The material that is the closest to us is wood. We love the smell, the colour, the pattern and the naturalness of wood that makes all furniture that is made of wood unique.

Because all pieces of wood are different, the pieces in our line are all one-of-a-kind as well.

A műhely

The team

Bartolits Dániel
Lang Zoltán
Győre Máté
Markó Zsombor

Our partners

Palatium Stúdió

Studio Konstella

BIS építész iroda

Vánczaművek Építészeti műterem

Ginkgo Architects

Bright Field Studios

Magyar Máltai Lovagok Szövetsége

Kiscelli Múzeum

Budapesti Történeti Múzeum


Zhao Zhou

Barlang műhely – A bútormanufaktúra