The Movie

We believe that the high quality of a job is achieved by paying attention constantly.
We are present along the entire journey, from the acquisition of the materials to the final touches.

This what is presented in our short video, which was created by our friend, Marci Vízkelety.

Our latest projects


Folder desk

The FOLDER home office desk is made by solid ash wood and painted steel profiles.

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Ciklon chair

Chair from the Ciklon collection, with solid wood or padded seat.

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Ciklon chair
Dió szalonbútorok a Budai Várnegyedben

Walnut salon furniture in the Buda Castle

The renewed convent of the Hungarian Order of Malta.

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Onyx stone set in wenge

The new chapel of the Hungarian Order of Malta in the Buda Castle.

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Máltai Lovagrend kápolnája
feketedió komód

The dream of the architect

Harmony of walnut and cherry in the Swiss St. Gallen 

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Zhao Zhou tea shop at the foot of Lánchíd

“Two novices came to learn from Zhao Zhou.
– Have you been here before? – inquired Zhao Zhou.
– No. – replied the novice.
– Go and have some tea – said Zhao Zhou…”

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Teázó asztal
Kiscelli muzeum

Rethough lobby in the Kiscelli Museum

The Kiscell Museum in Budapest has been renewed.

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Modern hanami 

The cherry wood blossoming in Virányos.

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Tulok furniture collection

These pieces have some kind of an ancient power in them. Massive bodies on short legs, which still make them appear graceful. Sincere, solid, made of hardwood. Sturdy, just like a bullock.

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Pure elegance 

Apartment interior on the side of Ferenc-mountain.

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